Review: TouchRetouch Free is loaded with photo editing tools but has some issues

Edit and retouch your images or take new ones in this feature-rich photo editor.

TouchRetouch Free is a powerful free photo editing tool, offering many tools you'll only find in Desktop software, but due to some slowdowns during use, it does have its issues. The core tools here, however, are impressive. From masking tools to a lasso selection tool and other editing options that are generally only included on more robust desktop applications, Touch ReTouch offers quite a bit for a free app.

When you open Touch ReTouch for the first time, you can start editing right away, loading in any images on your Photo Library or taking a new one with your camera. The editing buttons appear at the bottom of the screen and the selection here is very robust. You can start selecting small bits to edit, add masks for later edits, or start adjusting levels or colors on the fly. This all works well, but multiple times while editing, we ran into slowdowns and even a couple of freezes onscreen as the application attempted to keep up with what we were doing. The result was not crippling but it did cause some issues with edits we were working on.

TouchRetouch Free is a very well-made app, loaded with features, and easy to to use. However, the performance issues may be frustrating for users who are trying to perform precise edits on an image. It's not enough to make the app unusable -- in fact it was mostly an inconvenience at times -- but it is an issue to consider before downloading.

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