Review: TextZapp helps you customize images with text, stickers, and effects

Add custom text, stickers, and effects to your images, and then share with friends.

TextZapp seems, at first glance, like yet another "add text to image" app; but while the functionality is the same, the execution is something different entirely -- in a good way. TextZapp allows you to do all sorts of cool things, from choosing customized fonts with professional-looking text effects to adding stickers and other effects that make your images wholly unique, before sharing them to social media profiles through the app. It's a generally very good app in this regard.

When you set up TextZapp you can immediately load an image from your camera or photo library. Onscreen direction is clear and concise with "Your Text Here" and a sticker. You can delete the sticker, move it, or change its size. The text you can edit by double-tapping. Change what it says and then go through the long list of font options, styles, and sizes until it looks just right. While the app doesn't go much above and beyond other apps in the same category, it succeeds because of its clean design, and the fact that the text just looks so good onscreen.

Whether you want to add a quick caption to a photo you just took or you have a great idea for a meme and need an app that can tag the photo you're working with, TextZapp is a great tool. It's easy to use, loaded with options, and creates attractive, fun-to-share photos -- just about everything you can ask for.

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