Review: Symbolizer Fonts provides fun ways to change text, copy it, and share

Create customized fonts with symbols and other quirks on your iOS device.

Symbolizer Fonts is a fun and easy-to-use app that allows you to convert any string of text into a series of symbols that you can copy and paste into messages. The app also supports converting upside down text, as well as circled text and a few other fun effects; and while it suffers from an over abundance of onscreen ads and a sometimes messy interface, the app is generally very fun to use.

When you first open Symbolizer Fonts, you can immediately start converting text into different symbols. Just enter the text you want to convert into the box provided on the home screen, tap the symbolize button and you'll be given the symbol-version of your text. There is a clipboard button here if you want to use a text message, or you can immediately share it to Facebook, Twitter, or Mail from within the app. The other two options -- upside down text and circled letters are also right there onscreen.

While the interface for this app can be frustrating at times, largely due to the number of ads, as well as extra buttons that don't relate to the app but send you to the App Store for other downloads, the core functionality is good. It is fast, it works as intended, and you can easily share it with people through other apps.

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