Review: Super Balloon Rush is a fun but uneven game with ample rewards

Shoot balloons and collect coins to stay alive in this fun, but uneven endless runner.

Super Balloon Rush is a fun game most of the time, but suffers from a few hiccups when it attempts to ramp up difficulty. This can be frustrating if you are not willing to double back and try things more than once. While difficulty in games is not a reason to avoid them, Super Balloon Rush suffers from a certain disparity between the initial ease of the game and later difficulty.

When you turn on Super Balloon Rush, you'll be dropped in as a boy flying through a store shooting balloons with a ray gun. When balloons pop, you need to swoop in and grab the coins they drop. The goal is to shoot as many balloons as possible; if they get by you, it affects your avatar's health and it can disappear very fast. The game is designed to scale to the point that balloons will get by you, knocking off health rapidly, only to be balanced by the coins you pick up. But the switch happens so rapidly that the game can go from very passive to overwhelmingly difficult in just seconds; it then scales back and at times balances out with power-ups that help you.

Super Balloon Rush is not an impossible game, but it lacks the sort of scaled balance that we've come to expect in iOS games. You won't necessarily fail every time, but if you are not paying attention, the shift from easy to hard will probably catch you off guard. Still, if you like this type of challenge, you might enjoy Super Balloon Rush.

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