Review: Songbird Music has great potential but suffers from numerous slowdowns

Find new music, share what you find on YouTube, and more with this iOS music app.

Songbird Music looks like a feature-rich app, but with performance issues and dated content it takes some digging to find the most useful tools here. The app is designed to curate and provide access to top YouTube playlists on your iOS device, as well as accessing your iTunes library so you can create and share playlists with other users. This allows you to listen to music and watch videos directly from this app without having to pay for a monthly membership. It works on both accounts, but there are issues.

When you open Songbird Music you can start listening right away or you can create an account that allows you to save and share favorites. You can then search by what's new, top YouTube playlists, music categories, or explore by the top fans, artists, and trending artists in the system. The app also provides immediate access to your existing Music library so you can play from a single app -- anything you buy or download from iTunes shows up in this interface. Everything technically works, but there were multiple crashes, playback errors, and other issues when trying to access the YouTube playlists. Combined with older playlists, dated news, and no shares or likes in the "What's New" area it's likely the community here is either small or inactive.

Songbird Music has potential as a useful free music exploration app. In its current state, however, it has too many issues, lacks regular updates, and doesn't provide the same amount of exploration and interaction options that other free music apps in the same genre do on the iOS platform. It's worth checking out, but likely won't replace your other music apps anytime soon.

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