Review: Sketch Pad 3 brings a number of powerful freehand sketching tools to iPhone

Sketch, draw, and edit images on your iOS device.

Sketch Pad 3 offers quite a few tools to draw on your iPhone, but suffers from an interface that is all but impossible to control easily with adult fingers. The push-and-hold mechanic required to find and use any of the tools, colors, or other adjustments to the basic functions of this app can be frustrating, and for some people very hard to manage. It's a shame, too, because the app, itself, is well made and has a number of great features.

When you open Sketch Pad 3, you can create a new image or view the ones you've trashed. They all appear in a slide view on your home screen, making it easy to select, share, or edit an image. On the editing screen, you'll get a rather large white canvas, with the editing tools folded up in the bottom of the screen. The problem, however, is that to access most of the tools, including different-size brushed, color changes, or other options, you must hold down those buttons and then slide your finger to the new option. It's hard enough to do in any case, but then you can't really see what you are sliding your finger over, making it tougher still to find the right option.

Sketch Pad 3 is a good app with a lot of useful tools. Its sole issue is the execution of its menu system, so if this is not a problem for you, you'll probably love Sketch Pad 3. However, if the maneuvers needed to access these options begin to frustrate you, it will likely slow down your efforts and minimize how useful the app is.

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