Review: Sharpen Me Free slowly sharpens photos and compares them to the originals

Choose a photo and sharpen it with this limited-use app.

Sharpen Me Free is a photo editing tool that only offers a single function -- sharpening an image's color and lighting. It does this with a slider onscreen that shows you how much sharper you are making an image as you move it. The effect of having the original onscreen next to the edited image is nice, but with no other tools, a slight delay whenever using this tool, and a sometimes ineffective filter, the app has extremely limited uses.

When you open Sharpen Me Free, you can select any of a number of images in your library or take a new one to work with. The old photo will appear onscreen in a small box next to the version you are editing. As you slide the bar at the bottom, you can compare the two to see how much different it looks. At times this was useful. At other times, we honestly could not tell the difference between the first and second version. Additionally, the slider does not always respond right away, and while there are compare buttons available, they were not always responsive, either.

Sharpen Me Free does only one thing to edit your images, so we had higher expectations for how well it would do this, and the app just failed to live up to them. There are other free photo editors that offer this ability and much more. If you are looking to sharpen images, we recommend downloading an app that can do it quickly and offer additional options for customizing your photos before sharing them.

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