Review: reMovem has you match and remove multicolored spaces

Match 2 or more to rack up a high score in this familiar iOS puzzler.

reMovem is yet another match 3-style game that plays fast, offers little additional action beyond the core game, and generally doesn't go beyond what other games in this genre have done before. That's not a bad thing if you enjoy match 3 games and want to test your skills, but this really is a very familiar formula by this point.

The app offers few options other than to play the game and check your high scores. After loading it, you can start playing immediately. Onscreen are dozens of circles of different colors. Match any block of two or more adjacent circles to get rid of them. Your goal is to get as many of the circles onscreen as possible before there are no more possible moves -- creating a high score in the effort. The game doesn't scale to new levels. There are no power-ups. There is no music. It's a very basic interface, and while the game works well enough, it's just so familiar that it's hard to recommend to anyone who has played anything like this before.

If you've never played a match 3 or block matching game before, reMovem is not a bad app, but for anyone who has, it lacks the features, upgrades, or interaction that you'd probably expect. There are much better games already out there with the same mechanics.

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