Review: PocketLife Calendar pulls calendars from Apple for an all-in-one suite of options

Manage your calendar in this feature-rich, but occasionally messy calendar app replacement.

PocketLife Calendar pulls all of your calendar data from connected accounts to display upcoming events, tasks, and other scheduled items on a single-calendar interface. While this is a nice tool, the truth is that Apple's Calendar already does most of what this app does, so it comes down to whether this app does anything new or useful beyond what Apple offers. There are a few tools, but there are also some drawbacks and issues.

When you open PocketLife Calendar for the first time it will be populated with your calendar information. You can sort by list, day, week, or month, and you can add new events easily with the + button at the top of the screen. It's also easy to change which calendars display, and the settings menu offers numerous options including changing display options, event templates, and reminders. You may also want to change or turn off the sound effects; for some reason, there are quite a few loud sound effects attached to every action you take in this app. Despite its decent organization, PocketLife Calendar's display is often cluttered and it's hard to see what it offers that Apple's Calendar app does not already offer. Some extra features are nice, including a "week" view on the iPhone, as well as more additional settings, but it's still a very familiar app.

PocketLife Calendar is free and it does a few things Apple's tool does not, so if you are unhappy there or would like to try something new, it is worth a try; but we don't see quite enough here to recommend it over what you already have.

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