Review: Pimp Wallpapers provides a number of free downloads in a frustrating interface

Find and download, share or edit numerous photos, emoticons, and more.

Pimp Wallpapers HD contains a large number of free images, emoticons, stickers, and other goodies; but the interface, ad-support structure, and general design of the app can be frustrating. Finding what you are looking for can take time, and between searches, you'll frequently find yourself dealing with pop-ups, slow downs, or menu confusion. This app is a classic case of feature overload and no clear method to dig through them without it taking longer than you might like.

The startup process for Pimp Wallpapers HD was confusing, at times. It prompts you to log in, but it then automatically logs in with a guest account, allowing you to access the full library of tools in the app. You can then choose by category, including wallpapers, emoticons, text art, messages, and jokes among other tools. There are sharing tools built in, but these are for promoting the app to your friends. Fortunately, if you want to browse the libraries, you can generally ignore all of these other tools. There are categories for each of the sections and you can browse them by newness or popularity.

There are a lot of free media files in this app. You can download free wallpaper files to your phone's background, copy and paste emoticons or text art, or interact with other options like jokes; and while the interface is sometimes messy and ads can be intrusive, it generally works as intended.

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