Review: PicShop Lite is a robust photo editor with a sleek design and interface

Edit and save your photos with a number of finely-tuned filters and editing tools.

PicShop Photo Editor manages to avoid many of the mistakes commonly made by other photo editors to provide a robust, easy-to-use experience, perfect for the iPhone. Loaded with useful editing tools, a slick interface, and tons of tips along the way to ensure you get the most out of the app, PicShop Photo Editor will become a staple in your photo editing tool folder.

When you first open PicShop Photo Editor, the app will show you where to tap and how to find certain tools you will need for the editing process. Start by taking a new photo, loading one from your gallery, or downloading one from Facebook. After choosing an image, you can start editing. There are four menu options to do this -- an editing menu with numerous editing tools, a filters button with live previews of more than a dozen different filters, a Frames button with professional quality frames and an Extras button featuring things like stickers, background fills, image layers, and more. The number of options here is truly impressive, although you'll need to pay to access Frames and Extras.

If you want a solid photo editor that won't overload you with ads in its free version or hold back the best tools, consider PicShop Lite. While Frames and Extras are paid upgrades, there is more than enough here in the free edition of the app to keep you busy and ensure you can customize and tweak your images to your heart's content before sharing on Facebook or other social media networks.

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