Review: PicArts Photo Studio offers a number of customizable artistic filters

Edit photos with custom paint filters and dozens of useful tools.

PicArts Photo Studio offers a number of powerful editing tools for your images, with only a handful of issues related to the layout and design of the interface. Finding and using the tools can be at times frustrating, but this is a small complaint, considering the sheer number of options that are included with the app, from basic photo filters and sketching tools to 3D effects and artistic effects that render images quickly onscreen.

When you load PicArts Photo Studio, you can choose an image from your library or load a new one from your camera. From there, you must tap the menu button in the top-left corner and sift through the list provided. The Art Menu offers numerous filters, sketching tools, and effects, while the editing menu offers familiar tools like crop and rotate, picture frames, color and level adjustments, or stickers. The menus are fast, everything is labeled, and there are a lot of options, but it can be hard to know which you want because the image all but disappears from the screen while navigating these menus.

The effect is that you'll spend quite a bit of time going back and forth between the menu and your image to see what effect any one filter or editing tool will have. Still, this is a very small complaint considering how many tools are included with this app and the fact that it is a free tool. It's a great download for anyone seeking a new photo editing tool.

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