Review: Photo Sketch Free provides numerous hand-drawn effects and filters

Customize images with hand-drawn effects on your iOS device.

Photo Sketch Free is a fun photo editing app that manages to perfectly capture the style and theme of the filters it uses in the interface and design. The result is an attractive, well-made, and quick app that offers a number of editing tools with only a handful of issues. If you enjoy filtering your photos and want an app with new and fun options for doing so, this is a good place to start.

When you open Photo Sketch free, you see immediately what you're working with. The interface and design features are all hand drawn and they look quite good. Tap the camera to take a photo or open one from your library and you can start editing it with any of the numerous tools in the filter bar. Each filter is a hand-drawn option, so these are not necessarily new filters -- most photo editors have similar options among others -- but the execution is unique and the way you can play with the lines and add new things to the screen is quite well done.

The biggest performance-related issue we had with this app was the ad bar at the bottom of the screen. At times it blocked some of the options, making it hard to see what we could do. This is a small inconvenience, but an inconvenience, nonetheless. However, if you enjoy hand-drawn filters and want an app dedicated to them, then this is the one to download.

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