Review: Padgram upsizes Instagram to your iPad for easy browsing

Browse Instagram on your iPad with a number of extra features.

Padgram offers many of the most robust and useful tools offered by Instagram; and while Instragram has an iPad app, Padgram goes above and beyond in some important ways. From the browsing tools built in to the app to the streamlined interface and ease of connecting to your Instagram account, or remaining anonymous and browsing the vast collections of photos here, it's a great experience.

After loading Padgram, you can start browsing immediately. While uploading and sharing will require you to log in to your Instagram account, the software works well without logging in, as well. You can explore by popularity or category, look at tags or users. If you choose to log in, you can use all of the features that you would get in a standard Instagram account, including uploads, sharing, subscribing, and more. Everything is quick and the search function seamlessly integrates with the Instagram interface -- it's very fast all the way around. While Padgram may look like the basic Instagram interface, at first glance, it opens up a lot of the options you would want on an iPad that are not there in the core app.

At the same time, if you pay for the Pro version of the app, you can remove ads and manage multiple accounts, perfect for businesses, marketing consultants, or anyone with multiple accounts that they want to oversee. It's a very powerful suite of tools that can greatly enhance your mobile Instagram experience.

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