Review: Organizer To-Do is a home-focused to-do list and calendar manager

Create custom to-do lists, task lists, shopping lists, and more with this iOS app.

Organizer To-Do is a to-do list, scheduler, and calendar app with stay at home moms and dads in mind. The app features three major functions -- a to-do list creator, a shopping list manager, and a calendar that can either sync with your other calendars or work independently to keep track of everything you have to do. While the app is designed with moms and dads in mind, it works for anyone with a lot of around-the-house chores to do.

When you start Organizer To-Do you're shown a screen with all of your options. There are six, but three of them are premium-only options. Each of the remaining three menus allows you to create new lists, organize your to-do tasks into categories, or create new calendar entries. While every menu works well and the sheer number of options is impressive for a free app, the interface is, at times, cumbersome, with too many options onscreen and not enough direction.

The lack of organization can be frustrating, but if you find your way through or if the system works well for you out of the box, Organizer To-Do is a solid free app. It's not as streamlined as some other free options, but by breaking things down into categories and providing calendar integration, it bumps the efficiency of the app up a notch or two for anyone tracking chores, errands, and children.

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