Review: Mom's Daily Planner offers customizable to-do list and calendar management

Create task lists, to-do lists, shopping lists, and more for stay-at-home parents.

Mom's Daily Planner includes three tools designed to streamline managing shopping lists, daily to-do lists, and calendars around the house. While not necessarily only for moms, the app is very much designed with households in mind, with categories for different types of chores, event creation for children's activities, and more. The interface can be cumbersome, at times, but it generally works quite well for what it offers and is customized effectively to the needs of someone running a household.

When you first open Mom's Daily Planner, you'll have access to three of the six options on screen -- Shopping List, To-Do List, and Calendar. The other three are locked, premium options that require upgrades or separate app purchases. The core apps work well, however, offering tools to create custom shopping lists and to-do lists, or to save any items on your calendar. The interface could use some work -- it is a bit clunky with many options on each screen and no clear directions for finding key tools and settings; but once you get used to it, the entire thing works well with each segment.

There are other free scheduling and list-making tools that are cleaner and easier to use than Mom's Daily Planner, but this app works well because of the integration of all three tools. If you need all three options, and would like an app customized for household chores, then consider downloading this one.

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