Review: Math Color HD is a fun mix of math and art for the iPad

Find the answers to a number of varied math problems and color to match.

Math Color HD is a unique take on coloring and math apps, combining the two to encourage children to think through their choices before completing any one image. By including math problems on every square of a coloring book, but not punishing players for skipping the math aspect of the app, Math Color HD is challenging but fun, a perfect fit for both older and younger players.

When you open Math Color HD, you can choose from between a number of different scenes and coloring sheets. Choose one and it will open with a direction to color all spaces that equal a certain number with a certain color. So if the answer is "39" and the color is Magenta, users must find all spaces in which the math problem there equals 39 and then color it with Magenta. This is easier said than done because there are often a lot of spaces and no way to reduce difficulty. Again, however, the app does not punish players immediately for ignoring the color instructions, so younger children won't get immediately frustrated, but can still attempt the problems.

Math Color HD has a bit of a jumbled interface, the math problems cannot be edited, and the instructions don't rotate until all spaces are filled, but the lack of strict guidelines, combined with the rewarding system for coloring make this a fun game that many children will enjoy testing their math knowledge against.

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