Review: Glow Puzzle Free is a fun, challenging take on line connecting games

Connect all of the dots in each puzzle without doubling back.

Glow Puzzle Free takes a classic game -- connecting dots on a piece of paper -- and makes it into a fun, attractive, easy-to-play iOS game. The concept is an old one. Onscreen are a number of dots and lines. You need to connect every dot on the screen without doubling back with your finger. So if you tap a dot, you cannot tap it again unless completing another line. It's easy at first, but as you progress in levels you'll really need to think about what order to connect your lines.

The game starts with a series of tutorial levels where you are shown how to connect the dots and what the goal of the game is. This takes only a few minutes and is relatively easy to complete. From there the game only gets harder as more dots, more lines, and more complicated patterns appear. By the end of the first set, you'll be scratching your head trying to find the best path. The game not only plays great, but also looks amazing. With tried and true glow graphics to pop on the screen, you'll have fun connecting those lines and filling in the puzzle squares.

Glow Puzzle Free isn't a revolution in gaming -- kids have been playing something similar on their school desks for decades -- but it is a fun, easy-to-play, and solidly-built digital version of a classic, with enough depth and replayability to keep you coming back for more -- time and again.

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