Review: GifFX is a fun, easy-to-use Gif creation tool with loads of features for iOS

Create GIFs and add custom effects, introductions, and speed changes -- and then share.

GifFX is a feature-rich GIF creation, editing, and sharing tool for your iOS device that goes above and beyond a lot of other similar apps on the App Store. From the number of tool and editing options when creating new GIFs to the layout of the sharing tools and number of custom effects you can add to the beginning and end of your GIFs, this is a very solid app.

When you first start GifFX, you can load other GIFs into the library or start creating your own. The latter is the main draw here, so you'll probably go there first. To create a GIF, point and shoot your camera, tapping it for every image you take. The screen will show an after-image of the last couple of photos so you can line them up if you like, or you can just go freestyle and take photos as you move your camera. After taking images, you can speed up or slow down your GIF accordingly, and then add special effects for the beginning and end. The result is a very customizable feel and look for each one you create.

Once done, GifFX makes it very easy to share, either through the app or on social media networks, which makes it easy to get these into the hands of your friends. It's fast, it's well-executed, and we found no performance issues, even when rendering very large GIFs with over 100 photos. This is a great app and a must have for any GIF enthusiast.

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