Review: Giant Square is a unique take on frame creation for social media sharing

Create collages and framed photos in this social-centric photo editing app.

Giant Square, at first glance, looks like yet another collage and photo framing app for iOS devices, but it has a lot more going on under the hood than you'd expect. While the app has issues, namely in the interface and speed in loading images, the number of options you have for creating your new framed photos and the way it matches those options to different social networks is very well done.

You don't need to connect any of your accounts when first setting up Giant Square. At any time, you can certainly connect Facebook or Instagram to your app, but it's not required. However, to create new images, you will go through a Facebook or Instagram filter to do so. This involves tapping the social network for which you want to create an image and going through all of the options listed there. After doing so, you can choose the frame size, number of images, and other options like border thickness, randomness of photos, etc. You can then load each image into the frame and move them to where you want them. This is one place where the app stumbles, as picture load times are often delayed, even when pulling from your library.

Despite slowdowns, the options are nice, and you can customize for that social network, especially useful when sending to Instagram. If you do a lot of collages or framed photos, and share them on social media, this is a great app for you.

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