Review: Flower Paradise HD looks dated but is intensely addictive

Complete match 3 puzzles, gather money, and build your garden in this addictive iPad app.

Flower Paradise HD, at first glance, doesn't look like much due to its dated graphics and jumbled interface, but the more you play, the more you realize how addictive it can be. A fine mix between match 3 gaming and garden building, Flower Paradise HD finds a way to capture and hold your attention on two fronts, keeping money gathering on one side while building out your gardens on the other.

After you navigate your way through the numerous menus and offers to upgrade or download other apps, you can start playing Flower Paradise HD. The short tutorial shows you how to buy new flowers and plants, where to put them, and how to start making more money. The money-making aspect is similar to Candy Crush in that you must match three or more flowers and turn all of the dirt on the screen into grass. This nets you money, which you can then return to your garden with and buy new flowers and plants. When you fill up the bars for your garden, you can upgrade or plant a new garden. The biggest drawback in all of this is the dated graphics, but the performance is still strong and the game is so addictive that you won't notice for long.

If you are eager for a new spin on match 3 gaming or would like to try out a garden planting game akin to the farming and city-building apps on the App Store, then Flower Paradise HD may be the perfect fit for you.

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