Review: Email Multiple Photos and Videos attaches multiple images/videos to e-mails

Send more than one image or video at once with this iOS app.

Email Multiple Photos and Videos is an easy-to-use app that allows you to attach more than one image or video to your e-mails from your iOS device, but it has some issues. The trial limitations aside, the app had numerous performance issues during our tests, including a handful of crashes in situations in which we changed which photos or videos we wanted to send. This can lead to some degree of frustration.

This app is designed to do essentially one thing -- attach multiple images or videos to an e-mail instead of the default method from the iOS camera app. It works as advertised, but keep in mind that the trial version of the software will only let you attach one at a time. So to access the namesake feature of this app, you'll need to pay for the upgrade. Additionally, whenever the app informed us of an error, usually related to trial limitations, it would close down instead of going back to the home screen.

With a number of soft crashes and the fact that Email Multiple Photos and Videos will only actually e-mail multiple files if you pay for the full version, this software has its fair share of limitations. While the option to attach numerous files is very nice, the execution could use some improvements to make this a true must-buy, especially removing the trial limitation that prevents you from fully testing what this app can do.

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