Review: Doodle Drop Physics Puzzler is a fun app bogged down by issues

Complete puzzles to drop the ball and pick up stars on each level.

Doodle Drop Physics Puzzler is a tale of two apps -- the first a finely-crafted physics-based puzzle app, and the second a menu-ridden, slow-loading game that takes too long to reach the payoff. The result is an app that will be fun for some, but confusing or frustrating for others.

When you start Doodle Drop Physics Puzzler, you are asked to create an account, which is an odd requirement for a game, but it is required. From there, you can go through a number of tutorials, also required, before you can start playing the game. The object is easy -- drag and drop components onto the screen to create a Rube Goldberg machine that will get the ball to the star, which is often hidden and hard to reach. Press "Play" when you are ready and the ball will drop. If it reaches the star, you succeed. If it doesn't, you try again. This works well, and the physics on display are impressive. The ball and other components really do what you expect in most situations. But the sheer number of setup steps, the overloaded interface, and the generally very frustrating progression can be barriers to enjoying the game.

Doodle Drop Physics Puzzler looks like a cool game. It has that doodle-drawn chic design, a solid game engine, and a solid progression, but the rest can be a barrier to enjoying all of that. If you're patient, this game will reward you for it. If you are not, you may want to opt for a less cumbersome puzzler.

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