Review: Documents 2 Free File Manager is a rich mobile document creation/sharing tool

Create documents in RTA format, share them over numerous cloud services, and edit directly from your phone.

Documents 2 Free File Manager is a very well-made, feature-rich document creation, management, and sharing tool for the iOS platform. It is easily one of the most useful currently on the App Store. Using a proprietary file format to ensure speed and accuracy, Documents 2 uses the power of the iOS devices on which it runs to provide exceptional value at every step. Whether you are creating new documents filled with notes during a meeting or need to edit an important report while on the go, this is an app you should have on your phone and tablet.

What makes Documents 2 such a useful app and a better option in some respects than even Apple's iWork apps? It's built to work with a touchscreen interface, but it doesn't sacrifice powerful tools included in most office software suites just to fit your screen. You can create, format, edit, and customize spreadsheets, text files, audio files, and more in this app. You can also sync to Google, iCloud, or Dropbox by connecting your account and easily open and edit documents stored either locally or in the cloud.

Because Documents 2 is such a robust free app, it goes well above and beyond what other free document editors offer. For similar features you'd need to pay $10 or more in some cases, and performance may not even be at this level. If you need a document editor for basic notes, reports, or spreadsheets, this app is for you.

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