Review: Discreet Photo Safe creates hidden, password-protected albums on iOS

Create hidden albums to store sensitive or personal images on your iOS device.

Discreet Photo Safe offers a bare-bones, hidden album system to hide your personal photos away from prying eyes on an iOS device. The system is easy to set up and you can turn the privacy settings on and off, allowing you to choose who can and cannot see the images on your phone. Adding images is as easy as creating a new album and then importing images. While organization is limited, the protection is there.

Discreet Photo Safe is fairly easy to set up. When you open it, you can create new albums right away and start loading images into those albums. From here, creating an album takes a tap of the screen and when in an album, you can tap the import button to move new images into that particular album. Unlike some other private photo apps, you have to manually turn on the password protection from the settings menu. It is easy to do, however, and once set, the app will require a passcode before showing any photos in those folders.

Discreet Photo Safe is not the most advanced photo security app on the App Store. It lacks a number of features that other apps in this category offer, but it is free, relatively easy to use, and it works well where it matters -- password protecting and blocking unwanted access to your photos. If you're looking for something basic and easy to use, this is a good place to start.

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