Review: Daily Progress Report creates detail-rich reports for contractors

Create and share progress reports with clients, colleagues, and personnel from your iOS device.

Daily Progress Report is designed to create progress reports that can be easily shared with your colleagues, clients, and personnel, directly from an iOS device. The concept is great and the features here are designed with contractors and manufacturers in mind. However, the app lacks depth in some places. There is no tutorial, project entries offer limited fields, and there is minimal customization available for categories and projects. None of these issues detract from the app's performance, but they may limit how useful it is for your efforts.

When you first start Daily Progress Report, you can create a report, view resources, or change your company settings. While there is no user guidance, we suggest you change settings and input your company's information at first use. You can then start creating new projects in the app and from there creating new reports that go with each project. Each of these steps makes sense and the options are detailed enough to match many types of users, but not so much that you'll get lost in the option lists trying to figure out what to do next. The downside to this simplicity is that there aren't many ways to customize the app to better suit your needs, and the options on hand won't be adequate for everyone.

If you are interested in creating a new progress report for your client, or would like to automate or make mobile some of the things you do while on the job site, Daily Progress Report may be a useful app for you. Keep in mind that the app offers minimal customization and only four fields for each project, but since it is free and because it offers enough features to provide regular updates, it is a decent tool that will find a place with many contractors.

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