Review: Cats and Games for Babies is a broken, frustrating, and nonsensical app

Attempt to play music and animal sounds through a messy interface and frequent add pop-ups.

Cats and Games for Babies is a broken, frustrating, and barely functional app that offers minimal entertainment or educational value in its current form. Lacking clear instruction, featuring awful artwork, and offering no actual games, the app is the furthest thing from a baby-friendly experience you can find on the App Store. Combined with a constant barrage of pop-up ads, the app is nearly unusable.

When you open Cats and Games for Babies, you'll be given three options -- two "games" and a gallery of cat photos. The first game is a grid of animals you can tap to make their sounds. The second is a grid of instruments that seemingly play random songs that don't always include those instruments. Graphics are poorly cut, low resolution, and hard to see. The buttons are often unresponsive, and at almost every step of the process ads are popping up and causing you to accidentally open the App Store. This is made even worse because when you open the app back up, it always goes to the load screen, prolonging a return to the content. The only area where Cats and Games for Babies works seemingly as intended is in the cat gallery; if you are looking for a collection of cat photos, this app has a decent one.

It's amazing to see an app that is so underdeveloped, buggy, and ad-dependent on the App Store. We highly recommend you avoid this app and the frustrating experience it is sure to bring.

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