Review: Catch Bombs is a game of reflexes

Tap falling bombs as fast as possible in this game of reflex and attention.

Catch Bombs is a very straightforward game and it works quite well because of that, but it is missing many of the bells and whistles we've come to expect in modern games. The object of the game is basic -- bombs will drop from the top of the screen at varying speeds. Tap them as they appear and you continue. If you miss one, you die and must start over. The game is seemingly endless, so it's a pure high-score driving game.

When you open the game you can either start it up to begin play or check the rankings. There are no settings or other features integrated here to expand the gameplay. The graphics are about as rudimentary as they can get, as well, and the intro. and menu screens are intentionally retro-style. This is a game about one thing -- reflex and tapping those bombs. And despite the lack of additional options, it works quite well. The scoring rewards you for tapping a bomb higher on the screen, but if you tap and miss, the bomb will almost certainly fall through and you will lose, so going for higher scoring bombs puts you at risk of losing one. The result is fun, challenging, and addictive.

Catch Bombs is not revolutionary, nor is it particularly flashy, but it is very addictive, and it shows how basic gaming concepts can still work, even in the age of multicore processors and console-quality graphics on smartphones.

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