Review: Awesome Me Photo Editor offers bare-bones photo editing tools

Take and edit photos to share with friends and family.

Awesome Me Photo Editor is about as basic as you can get when it comes to a photo editing app. While there are plenty of tools here, they are almost entirely borrowed from the Aviary suite of photo editing tools. Aviary is a very useful toolset, but it means there is nothing here that makes Awesome Me stand out from the dozens of other Aviary-powered apps on the App Store.

When you open Awesome Me, you can choose to take a photo or open one from your library. After taking a photo, you can tap "Edit," which opens the Aviary screen, allowing you to easily add one of a dozen or so frames to the photo or share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr. The sharing menu is decent and offers AirPrint, a nice feature that not every photo editor offers, but there really just isn't much in this app that makes it stand out from other, more powerful and also free photo editors.

While Awesome Me Photo Editor runs well and we didn't notice any hiccups or slowdowns, there were quite a few pop-up ads that could interrupt what you are doing. They are generally timed well, but a couple of times an ad would appear directly after tapping a menu button. If you need something basic and easy to use to edit photos, Awesome Me will work, but there are other, more feature-rich options out there.

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