Review: aTypo Picture offers unique text-based filters but has performance issues

Filter photos with text effects and share with friends in this unique photo editor.

aTypo is not a revolutionary photo filtering app, but it does offer enough new and interesting features to stand out as something different in a sea of copycats. Where other apps offer the same stable of recycled filters, aTypo Picture offers text-based filters that transform your images into something completely different. The options may be limited, but the resulting images are almost always unique, making this a fun photo editor.

When you first load aTypo Picture, you can start editing photos and applying filters right away. To do to this, all you need to do is select an image from your library or take a new one with your camera. You can then choose one of many text-based filters to apply to your photos. Alternately, you can tap the "random" button and the app will choose something for you. After this is done, the app will allow you to change font color, font type, font size, and background color in the filter, and finally you can save and share your photo with the world. It's a fun stable of features and the resulting images are almost always unique.

aTypo is not perfect, however. Rendering times when adding new filters can add up if you want to test all of them, and there really are not that many editing tools in this suite. But for what it offers in terms of unique filters, this is a fun app worth checking out.

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