Review: 7 Little Words is a fun, and occasionally challenging word game

Combine letters to solve anagrams of numerous word clues.

7 Little Words is a basic, fun-to-play word game that offers daily replayability along with a handful of free themed puzzle packs to test your anagram solving skills. The app doesn't try to do too much -- the interface, graphics, and general design are all very basic -- but the puzzles are well thought out, challenging without being impossible, and the curve from early puzzles to later ones will keep you wanting more.

After you start 7 Little Words for the first time, you can start playing puzzles immediately, or adjust various settings in the menu screens. The puzzles, themselves, are exactly as they sound. You are given 7 clues and a collection of between 42 and 50 two-letter pairings onscreen. You must choose the appropriate two-letter pairings to solve those clues -- a sort of cross between anagram puzzles and crosswords. If you enjoy word puzzles at all, the mix is a fantastic one, offering a decent challenge without being so easy that the app runs its course overnight. To be sure, the app suffers in some small ways from the size of the tiles and a very rudimentary interface, but it is otherwise finely polished and runs smoothly.

If you enjoy word puzzles like crosswords or anagrams, this is an app for you. It is loaded with plenty of challenging options and it is easy to pick up and play whenever you are on the bus or train, waiting for your next meeting or unwinding at the end of a long day.

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