Review: Play media files using Wondershare Player for Mac

Play a number of different audio and video formats using one stylish and feature-rich media player.

With its seamless support for various audio and video codecs and more than 600 file formats, Wondershare Player for Mac reduces the need for users to have multiple players available on their computers. The program's easy file management and smooth playback further enhance its usefulness.

After installing, Wondershare Player for Mac immediately takes the user to the developer's Web site where a tutorial explains its features. It's short and should prove helpful to new users who are unfamiliar with video playback software. The player, itself, features a modern clean interface. A button, which is easy to identify, brings up a Finder window to select files to import. The bottom left of the window contains the playback area, which is appropriately designed and easy to operate, and includes all the standard options for playback, a volume control slider, and a mute audio button. Once loaded, the file starts playing almost instantly without any delays and in full quality. A slider along the bottom of the entire window indicates the location of the playback. In the lower right, buttons are available for the settings, moving into full-screen view, viewing and adjusting the playlist, and taking a snapshot of the video in burst mode, which is an interesting feature not found on most other players. In terms of options, you can adjust the playback speed, ratio, screen size, frame, audio, and subtitles, if available. We tested a number of different file types and all played back seamlessly.

Fully-functional, feature-rich, and stylish, Wondershare Player for Mac represents a one-stop shop for those looking for a smooth media player that supports many codecs and is capable of playing back a number of file formats.

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