Review: WaveInsight Video Converter Lite for Mac offers easy file conversions

Convert video files into a generous number of formats using well-designed WaveInsight Video Converter Lite for Mac.

With well-designed graphics and a number of useful features and formats with which to work, WaveInsight Video Converter Lite for Mac offers a great solution for those looking for a versatile conversion program. Many of its operations are automatic, making it a suitable program for those with little experience with file converting software, as well.

The program starts up with a medium-size window. The left side is clearly labeled as an area where users can click and drag files into the application. These can also be added manually with a clickable button. After selecting a video file, a thumbnail is generated in the same area, allowing users to see the video content. WaveInsight Video Converter Lite for Mac also automatically brings up an additional small menu where the user can select the format for the output file. This is done through labels and graphics indicating the device on which it will be played. Holding the cursor over the selections brings up additional submenus, which cover almost any format that may be needed. A bar along the bottom also customizes the location where the converted file is stored. The main window on the right side allows the video to be viewed using a basic play and stop button. Once the conversion starts, with one click on a button in the lower right, a bar indicates the progress. During testing, the operation completed quickly and the output file worked well.

With a large set of operations and a clean design, WaveInsight Video Converter Lite for Mac meets almost every expectation. It's recommended for anyone who needs to convert video.

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