Review: TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac makes translating single words fast

Translate single words from one language to another, quickly, using this free translation widget.

TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac's clean interface makes translating words from English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian fast and easy, although it stumbled with blocks of text. The widget doesn't come with any dictionaries but the user can download all they need from the developer's Web site.

TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac unzips and installs to the user's dashboard, where it functions as a useable widget that may be positioned according to the user's preference. The application is basic and the interface reflects that. Users add dictionaries by clicking the information icon located on the bottom right of the widget. To translate a word, type the word into the text box and then click the TI icon to translate it. At times, the application seemed to fail to load the appropriate dictionary, randomly resulting in no translated output. However, when the application functioned properly, the output was correct. The program accurately translated some basic words such as love, woman, cat, dog, clock, etc., used for testing from English to other languages. However, it couldn't really translate any complex phrases or any sentences.

TranslateIt Deluxe Widget for Mac will be useful for users needing a quick resource for translating individual words from one language to another, such as from English to Spanish, German, Russian, or French. Downloading the free desktop version of this application gives users access to additional features, including options to display search history and the ability to enable and disable dictionaries. While, overall, the program performed adequately and without crashes, it seemed quite limited compared to other free translator tools such as Google Translator, which are much more effective in translating multiword phrases or sentences.

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