Review: Roll the dice and reach 10,000 points in Ten Thousand Solitaire for Mac

Push a button to roll the dice, get the desired combination, and then cash out until you reach 10,000 points.

Based on a two-player dice game originally titled Ten Thousand, single-player game Ten Thousand Solitaire for Mac seems to apply the similar rules but is packed in a rather basic and unattractive package. The goal of this dice game is to get to 10,000 points before running out of rolls, but its unattractive interface and not too enticing gameplay left us confused and uninterested.

Ten Thousand Solitaire for Mac downloads quickly, and no installation beyond unzipping the downloaded file is necessary. The design of this game is minimal. A small gray window, black text, white buttons, and red squares representing the dice are the extent of it. The game includes rules and scoring conventions in the Help file and there is an option to turn the sound on and off, but that's it for settings. Three main buttons: "New Game," "Cache Out," and "Roll Again" are found on the left, while on the right there are fields displaying Score, Holdings, and Cache Outs. Ultimately, the game consists of hitting the "Roll Again" button repeatedly, and collecting points on your roll. Scoring is based on several rules, which are explained in the Help file. Points are given based on the rolls, starting from 50 for a single "five," to 100 for a single "one," up to 1,500 points that the player can receive for a straight "run." You may "cache out" (the developer's spelling) and bank your points if you have at least 250 points, and then start with a new roll, and keep doing this until you reach 10,000 points.

While we have never played this game in real life, we got the idea that a game with two players would have been a lot more interesting than a single-player computer version. Ten Thousand Solitaire for Mac doesn't seem particularly challenging or fun, and would perhaps be interesting only to those who have already played this game and are looking for a not-so-challenging version of it.

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