Review: Map your ideas using feature-rich Story Turbo for Mac

Use images, notes, call-outs, clip art, and many more features to organize your ideas and enhance your creativity.

Story Turbo for Mac offers one large and fully-customizable layout where users can map ideas and improve their writing and organizing skills by combining various graphical elements, notes, and customizable boxes. Even though poorly labeled, the program's interface is quite easy to use and takes only a couple of minutes to get used to.

After installing, the program immediately starts into its main interface -- a large main window where you can place planning or mapping ideas. A shaded box in the upper left represents a map, allowing you to quickly move to different areas of the drawing. It's easy to navigate by clicking arrows in different areas of the screen. An extensive number of buttons along several rows at the top of the window control the content. These are rather poorly designed and include graphics typical for programs from ten years ago. Still, it's easy to get started and you can just click on areas of the main Story window to add text and change its size, color, effects, and justification. While Story Turbo for Mac offers many templates with preset boxes for adding information, you can create additional ones with the click of a button. We found it easy to position each newly-created box anywhere we liked on the Story window and change its color and size. You can also zoom in and out with a slider, and export the file for use on the Web or as an RTF format, among others. All those who are new to this type of program can visit the developer's official Web site where they can find extensive support as well as many tutorials for creative writing.

Story Turbo for Mac performs as a basic mapping program suitable for writers, bloggers, researchers, and even designers. It's in need of a makeover, but it includes good support, plenty of templates, and a variety of export options.

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