Review: Steam Puzzle for Mac is an addictive puzzle game

Follow Doctor Calgory's and Stimkin's instructions on how to properly rearrange the components of steam-powered machines.

Steam Puzzle for Mac offers a classic single-player puzzle game that's easy to learn and much harder to stop playing. This is a demo version of the game with no apparent limitations.

We downloaded Steam Puzzle for Mac and ran it out of the box, as there's no installation beyond extracting the binary from a ZIP file. The game features stylish graphics and a funny storyline. When we launched the app, the first thing it did was ask us to select our preferred language and resolution. We selected one too big for our display, and there was no apparent way to change it except to exit out and run the app again. The main interface features social buttons for the app, a language button, settings, and a button to mute the music. Clicking on the triangle shape button in the middle of the screen starts the game. The game won't start straightaway, though, but will walk you through the basics, which are easy to understand. Once you start playing, the game presents a grid of moving components, which the player must rotate clockwise in groups of four, and create two-by-two squares of identical components. When a set of four is created, they disappear and more fall from the top of the screen to refill the grid, all while the player wins points. Once the player reaches their first 100 points, they are able to enter the Lab where they will be given four different variations of the game -- Classic, Calibration, Gold Plating, and Scrapyard. During each game, if a player forgets the rules or their goal, they can always click on an icon depicting helpful Dr. Calgory found in the bottom left of the screen. As the player progresses through the game, they earn more achievements and unlock more enticing levels and game modes.

Steam Puzzle for Mac offers many hours of addictive fun and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes games like Tetris or Bejeweled.

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