Review: Secret Message for Mac creates and reveals hidden messages

Create and send hidden messages within plain text messages using this free secret message creator and decoder.

Secret Message for Mac's streamlined interface makes it an ideal application for children to send and receive secret messages. A useful Help file and good performance also contribute to the overall appeal of this entertaining application.

Secret Message for Mac unzips and opens directly to the program's interface. The menu bar options are basic, allowing users to check for updates, or consult the valuable Help section. The application's interface is quite basic with a text box for users to compose a plain message and a secret message, followed by a selection of radio buttons where users may save messages, load messages, see secrets, clear all, or support the developer. Users compose secret messages by first typing a message in the plain message box, then users type their secret message, of up to 75 characters, in the black text box labeled secret message. The application outputs a PNG image file of the plain text message to the desktop. Users wanting to read the secret message contained within the image file should just click the load message radio button in the application interface and navigate their mouse over the see secret button to reveal the hidden message. The application performed without fail and was a lot of fun.

Secret Message for Mac is a free application suitable for children or any other user looking to have fun by sending coded messages.

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