Review: View photos in fullscreen or as a slideshow with PicTwiddle Lite for Mac

Preview and save photos using basic image viewer PicTwiddle Lite for Mac.

PicTwiddle Lite for Mac's helpful controls make it a useful application for basic image viewing. While the application doesn't offer any advanced options for editing, it does offer all the controls and options you need for quick and seamless navigation, zooming, rotating, and playing a slideshow, as well as an option to view images in fullscreen.

PicTwiddle Lite for Mac starts quickly and opens into an initial menu with a Finder window to select an image file to load. Once selected, the image loads quickly into a basic, but intuitive interface. A row of buttons allows the user to select from the program's features. The first button changes the program to a browser view, which displays thumbnails of the pictures in the same folder as the one selected, along with the file name. Unfortunately, an additional button to change the view back is not present, requiring the user to move to the drop-down menus to return to the image view. Other buttons alter the zoom, change to the next or previous image, rotate, and play images from a specified folder as a slideshow. As opposed to other photo viewers, the program lacks basic editing features, like red eye reduction or cropping. While the application performs well as a file viewer, the presence of first-level editing features would have placed it equal to its competing programs. It would also have been helpful to include automatic sharing features for social networks.

PicTwiddle Lite for Mac performs all tasks of a basic photo viewer, well. Users who want more than this should look elsewhere, or could perhaps try PicTwiddle, which is a paid app available from the same developer.

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