Review: Photo Police for Mac checks for image manipulations

Detect image manipulation and photo correction using the free photo analyzer Photo Police for Mac.

Photo Police for Mac makes it easy to examine photos to determine whether or not images have been manipulated or corrected using photo editing software. The application's interface is sharp and easy to use, making it an excellent tool for determining the veracity of images.

Photo Police for Mac installs quickly and opens to a basic program window. The menu allows users to open and save images. The Help file links to a Web-based tutorial with extensive descriptions regarding the function and visual elements of the application. With one click you can open an image file for the application to examine. The application provides a side-by-side comparison of the actual image on the left and the image as pixel data on the right, making it easy for users to detect low-bit pixel data, a hallmark of edited images. Users may also click to zoom in, zoom out, zoom to actual size, and zoom to fit. You can easily save the application's output to any location. During testing the program performed consistently and was easy to use.

Photo Police for Mac represents an excellent freeware option for users needing to examine images for any corrections or changes that might have been applied. The application's supporting material and overall functionality make it an excellent choice for scrutinizing photos.

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