Review: Store all your passwords in one program with Keeper Desktop for Mac

Track multiple complex passwords securely, back up to a cloud service, or sync data to your mobile device using Keeper Desktop for Mac.

Using 256-bit AES encryption, Keeper Desktop for Mac works well as a secure location for storing multiple passwords and login information. Its menu is labeled well and most will find it very easy to use. This download is a 30-day free trial version with all features available.

The initial menu prompts the user to set up a master password that allows access to the program and the information it holds. Users also need to set up a security question and a backup e-mail address to secure the account. From there, the program moves into its main menu, which is easy to interpret and operate. A row of icons along the top separates the major functions, including the data storage, syncing information, preferences, and importing and exporting information. The Data Vault section is the heart of Keeper Desktop for Mac and contains a submenu with controls for adding entries and editing existing ones. For each new record you can enter information on its title, the username, password, log-in URL, and any notations. We liked that you can add an additional custom-made field. Entries populate a list on the left side of the menu, making it easy to locate specific ones for use. You'll also have the options to upload the information to a cloud service and restore saved data, sync data to their mobile device via Internet or Wi-Fi, as well as export this information, manually, to PDF, text, or even Excel formats. Customization options also include the ability to change the background, automatic logout features, and the location of the data folder, among others.

Those who use many complex passwords might enjoy using Keeper Desktop for Mac. While basic, it is also a functional application, able to store numerous passwords in one secure location.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Keeper Desktop for Mac 7.0.

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