Review: Lock your screen on demand with DashLock for Mac

Add a system lock to your Dashboard to protect your account using DashLock for Mac.

DashLock for Mac locks your system with just a single click, adding extra security and protecting your files and documents from prying eyes. This version of the widget adds support for Retina MacBooks.

The download link took us to the developer's Web site but we had to click on the Products page to actually get to the download. After a quick download, DashLock for Mac installed directly as a widget onto our Dashboard. All you need to do is double-click on the lock icon in your Dashboard and after a short animation, your Mac will switch to the log-in screen while keeping your current session active. While the widget performs only one task, it does so without any glitches.

As a light, fully-functional Dashboard widget, DashLock for Mac keeps your system safe and protected with a single click. While the download link doesn't directly lead to the widget, it's still relatively easy to find the installation file on the developer's Products page to install this useful dashboard addition.

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