Review: Change songs via gestures with Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac

Control playback on your Mac without touching it, using Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac.

Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac allows users to change songs playing in iTunes without touching their computer, even when doing other activities. While its lack of instruction means trial and error is required, the program ultimately works as intended.

At around 30MB, Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac takes a few minutes to download. The program opens as a window with the Mac's Webcam enabled and active. The video fills most of the window, while a row of buttons, which are labeled well, sit across the bottom. This allows for manual playback of songs, as well as locking and unlocking the gestures features. A small red box is in the upper-left corner, and a green one is located in the upper right. Playing with the program shows this is an indication of the gestures required to change the playback. When a face appears on the screen, the gestures features are unlocked for use. Swiping a hand in front of the camera changes the currently playing song, and moving in the other direction changes it back. During testing, the song-changing features worked well. Unfortunately, the unlock and lock detection was less effective. Sometimes it worked in reverse, with the unlock appearing when we moved away. The gestures are also sensitive, but work very well, overall.

For those looking to control their Mac's song playback, even with dirty or wet hands, Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac works well enough to overcome some of its glitches, making it a useful program for those who need to be more hands off in playing their music.

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