Review: Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac allows iTunes customization

Alter generally unseen preferences using helpful Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac.

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac is an excellent application for customizing Apple's media software. Despite its utility, novice Mac users may have trouble with its slightly complicated installation process.

After downloading, Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac opens up as a disk image with detailed installation instructions. While comprehensive, it requires users to open hidden folders, create new ones, and drag the application's scripts into them. This could be too complicated for some early Mac users. The instructions did work, though, with the application's scripts becoming visible in the drop-down menus in iTunes. Once clicked, an additional preferences menu opens in a new window. While there are no graphics, the menu is easy to use. Users can hide the Ping features, apply half star ratings, and globally change the view settings. Additional checkboxes let you easily set features such as completely downloading a preview before playing. Users can also change the grid search results to a list and alter the scrolling behavior to make it more intuitive for some. Once applied, all of the changes work seamlessly.

Despite its slightly complicated installation steps, Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac is a very useful tool for those who aren't happy with iTunes' defaults.

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