Review: Track weight, activity, mood, & more with Smart Diary Suite Free Portable

Use Smart Diary Suite Free Portable to understand what factors in your life impact other factors in your life.

Smart Diary Suite Free Portable will help you track various "life factors" and allow you to make written and verbal diary entries. You don't even have to install this basic tool and you can take it with you, if you work on multiple computers.

The free version of Smart Diary Suite comes complete with graphing of your life factors, iCalendar or vCalendar integration, and a host of other versatile functionality. This program is impressive in its scope. The best feature is the full integration of not only what is happening in your life via text or voice, but also of user-defined life factors such as weight or mood or activity levels. In addition to integrating these factors, you can also track the weather on a daily basis. Smart Diary Suite Free Portable will cross-reference all of these factors and show you correlations between the factors over time. This program is much more than a diary. It is also a personal tracking device that can help you understand your moods and help you remember tasks that may be medically important.

Smart Diary Suite Free Portable is a good tool that's useful and easy enough for anyone to use. It's highly recommended for those who want to understand themselves a little better or track progress of personal goals over time.

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