Review: Define the heuristic method to detect malicious programs with Scut AntiVirus

Use Scut AntiVirus to ferret out malicious programs and files with deep and extended scanning techniques.

Scut AntiVirus scans your computer thoroughly for any malicious software and protects it against the latest threats, based on advanced heuristics. The focus of this program is clearly not on its appearance but on functionality and ease of use.

After a fast and painless installation, you can immediately start scanning your computer. The quick scan in critical zones of your computer takes at least a couple of hours on a machine with a 250GB hard drive. While this is not necessarily quick, it is an indication that the program is thorough. You can define where the critical areas are in addition to the default areas -- a nice feature not found in many anti-virus programs. In addition to a critical scan, you can also scan paths to find and delete dead ends. Of course, there is a full scan, which takes a great deal of time on larger hard drives. This program is very thorough in its scanning ability and uses various heuristic methods and types such as standard, hardcore, metamorphic, polymorphic, and EPO.

If you're looking for a reliable anti-virus program to add to your security arsenal, then Scut AntiVirus could be just the program you need. Its design may not be the most appealing, but it doesn't interfere with other programs, requires little experience to use, and does a good job of keeping your system virus-free.

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