Review: Process Explorer Portable gives you plenty of control of your processor

See a detailed view of your computer's running processes with Process Explorer Portable.

Process Explorer Portable is a light download that gives you tons of control over your computer's processor. If you're familiar with the installed version, you'll feel right at home. It helps you diagnose, find, and solve processor errors in a matter of seconds.

This is a portable program, so you can stick it on a USB drive or any portable drive to scan any computer. However, due to the nature of portable programs, your anti-virus might flag it as suspicious. It's free from any malware, though. This utility gives you a more detailed look at your computer's open processes than the standard task explorer. Not only does it color code programs so you can tell system processes from regular processes, it also lets you kill any process, automatically. Unlike the default means in Windows, Process Explorer Portable lets you kill individual browser tabs instead of killing the whole browser or any individual instance of a program. You can even set the program to automatically kill a process if it uses up more than a certain amount of your resources. The program lets you set several automatic actions, but it's so fast and light that you won't mind opening it manually to get better control of its program killing. It does all of this while not being a drain on your processor -- rarely using up more than 30MB of RAM.

Process Explorer Portable helps you get a handle on rogue processes. Since it's portable, it can help you keep your computer in check, or help you diagnose problems on someone else's.

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