Review: NonCompressibleFiles Portable lets you create test files for archiving software

Create non-compressible files or maximum compressible files for testing purposes using NonCompressibleFiles Portable.

NonCompressibleFiles Portable makes effective test files to help you analyze zipping software. While it won't let you zip them right from the utility, the test files have plenty of flexibility and are easy to use. If you need that, you'll really love this program.

Since this is a portable program, it might make your anti-virus software suspicious. It's a perfect copy of the full version of NonCompressibleFiles that you can stick on a portable drive to take with you. You can choose to make the files it creates "maximum compressible" or "impossible to compress," so you can test the strength and maximum compression of the software you want to test. You choose how many files you want, how big you want them to be, and where you want them to be saved. During testing, it took about two seconds to deliver a 1MB file. It didn't take any noticeable time increase when it was extended to multiple 1MB files. As you might expect if you've ever used the full version, NonCompressibleFiles Portable has an outdated layout, but that keeps the program running quickly.

NonCompressibleFiles Portable was obviously designed by people who have struggled to get good test files in the past. That means it's an awesome utility for anyone who needs to test compression programs. If you fit that mold, then you'll want to download this utility.

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