Review: Back up data to various locations using Iperius Backup Free

Create backups of important files and store them to any destination you prefer using Iperius Backup Free.

Iperius Backup Free represents a limited version of the paid software with only the basic functions for backing up and compressing files, folders, and systems to a standard drive or server. Although all of the functions are represented in the interface, it is not clear until you try to use a feature that it is not supported in the free copy of the software. We suggest you choose the in-program option to activate the full version for 23 days if you're already considering the upgrade.

Iperius Backup Free comes with its own setup wizard, making installation a breeze. The program opens to a clean and intuitive interface. All functions are labeled well with attractive icons. There are options for creating and running new backup jobs, restoring backups, importing backups, additional settings, Help files, and more. Creating a new backup job is done using a button located in the middle of the main window or through a menu link. Users can choose to back up different files and folders as well as Windows drive image, SQL server, MySQL and Oracle database, and FTP download to various destinations such as to a specific folder, any tape device, cloud, or FTP. Most of these options are not available with the free version of the software except for the backup to folder option. As we noted, you can unlock more options if the 23-day trial is activated. In both the full and trial versions, there are many options to schedule, notify by e-mail, compress, report via the Web, and control computer actions during and after the backup. Many of these functions, such as notifications, reports, and computer control, disappear after the free trial is over.

Iperius Backup Free is easy to use, but with so many options unavailable in this version, it isn't as useful as other free backup tools. Unless you're considering the upgrade, there's little reason to try the free version of Iperius Backup.

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