Review: Download, search, and browse the Web with Columbus Web Browser

Browse the Web in a whole new way using useful search and built-in download options.

Columbus Web Browser offers quick access to the Web and includes some useful options for searching and downloading that will be particularly useful to torrent seekers. Based on the fact that it preloads DuckDuckGo as the default search and offers proxy controls, it feels like this browser is made with security in mind. However, when it comes to looks, it doesn't seem to have been updated since 2010, and it certainly shows it.

This browser throws the thin-lined style you're used to from modern programs to the wind. It looks like it was made for XP's boxy window style, and since it was last updated in 2010, maybe it was. There aren't any advanced settings or extensions you can add to customize the browser. The only things you can change are the proxy settings. That makes sense, considering the program advertises support for torrents and downloads. Columbus Web Browser does have a built-in download manager that lets you enter any URL you want to get a download. It works for most file types. You can also clear your history right from the browser's main menu.

If you don't mind sacrificing features and advanced controls to be able to surf in secret, then you might like Columbus Web Browser. It doesn't have nearly enough goodies to lure most users away from better-known browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

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